Raised by the Ocean - Inspiration


We are fortunate enough to spend alot of our time by the ocean and I am very grateful that our children know and love it as much as we do. For me, 'raised by the ocean' has a few different personal meanings.

Firstly, whenever I get stressed about every day life or I am feeling rundown, I know a trip to the beach will remedy everything. I stand by the shore and take in all I can see. I ask Mother Nature to remind me why I am so lucky. She has never disappointmented me yet. 

Secondly, one of my sons has been diagnosed with asthma (I am still in denial). But whenever he has problems breathing we take him for a dip in the ocean and she does her magic. He now goes as much as we can to beat this thing.

Finally, I feel like the ocean has educated my sons in such an engaging way. They know about tides, sea creatures, pollution, shipwrecks, water safety and so much more, just from being close to her. Many of you may know that recently my boys played with a blue-ringed octopus for about half an hour. It is one of the most deadliest creatures in the world and you cannot feel it stinging you. I still think it is a miracle that he decided not to bite them! Now they know not to touch one again!

This new collection takes us back to deserted beaches full of treasures and creatures. Our Indigo Leopard print makes a comeback in some stunning pieces for girls. We have so much love for our dipped hem maxi skirts. They are perfect for running away from pirates, and chasing mermaids. Talulah makes her debut in this gorgeous red, mustard and terracotta colourway.  We also will be releasing our unisex 'Raised by the Ocean' tee which will be available in a few colours. We hope you enjoy our collection and join us by the ocean.

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